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About Us

Share pay internet INC is a professional company in POS and cash register. We will provide best quality and service for customers. We have business partner in China , Taiwan , Vietnam , Thailand , Singapore , HongKong ,Cambodia and Malasiya. We sell products to whole the world. We have programmers ,IT teams and customer service treams. We have over 20 years experience in computer software and internet technical.

【Win-Win】 We always adhere to the mutual benefit of multiple parties, protect the interests of multiple parties, and achieve the ultimate goal of multi-party win-win.

【Service】 None stop Service: We serve our customers well, serve our suppliers well, serve our employees well, and serve our users well.

【Innovation】 Innovation is the source of development. We are committed to continuous investment in research and development, and only provide advanced quality services to users for innovation leadership.


Inquire seller to get a quotation

Understand the quotation or have a dedicated person tailored to your needs, and provide a reference for single-store and cloud chain system selection. We will arrange someone to serve you as soon as possible or call (626) 768-3612

Cloud chain iPOS global receive mananger system

Use the most advanced AI smartly receive POS seller

There is no need to set up a server, and you can do a chain franchise cashier with the Internet, which is easy to use and easy to operate.
Multi-format to meet the front-end sales interface of all walks of life: restaurant mode, fast-moving mode, retail mode, as many as dozens of interfaces!
There is always one you like; menu template, corporate branding, store grouping, commodity grouping, and chain management are integrated into one big back-end data!
The most efficient! The boss can view the report remotely, saving time, time and instant! And support third-party and built-in time-saving convenience and efficiency.


Weighing pricing type iPOS

Designed and developed for the market

Image Supports pricing methods such as kg, Ib, oz
Image And combined with Android models.
Image Supports lots of mobile payments.
Image Stores can use the mobile phone to control the store.
Image Business report management helps promote sales and improve performance.
Image WIFI function eliminates wiring projects

Prevent cashiers from cheating or stealing money

1. If the product is not placed on the platform, the price cannot be calculated
2.The cashier cannot edit or delete the product
3.The cash box cannot be opened if it is not a transaction


Dining Type iPOS

The system is flexible and supports the influx of people during the meal. iPOS makes the service process simpler and improves the efficiency of ordering to checkout! Let merchants focus on catering quality
Image Online ordering service : Self-built delivery platform
Image Cloud Waiting Service : Cloud Order Service
Image Cloud Cashier (POS) Service : Multiple Ways to Checkout
Image People counting service-face attendance, people counting
Image Coupons/points verification service ordering system
Image Other cloud solutions : Table scan QR code ordering, face payment
Image The operation interface can be switched anytime, be in line with your shop category


Support BOM (bill of materials)

Provide franchisees with effective control of franchisees, raw materials running out of materials; for raw materials, it can be subdivided and controlled to fully grasp the flow of cost in and out, so that product quality is stable

Global online consumption

The system provides member A shop to recharge and apply for a card or send a cup, and B shop uses member consumption to checkout and withdraw coffee, etc.

Unlimited number of expanded stores

Suitable for franchise owners, cloud management one account to manage multiple stores and view reports in time

The system supports one machine with multiple languages

The system has built 6 common language families, and users can freely add language families

Tax rate and tip setting

Store settings in various regions, eliminating manual calculations, and setting up member commissions


Retail Type iPOS

The independent cash register interface and shortcut key support allow you to "snap to send and enjoy the pleasure!" Support barcode entry, item number entry, product entry order, customer points and other functions. Supports the connection of various external hardware devices such as scanners, bar code machines, printers, etc.

Unmanned retail

Consumers enter the store to complete the checkout and leave the new-style store.
Consumers can enter the door by scanning the code, enter the door with face recognition, and enter the door with fingerprint recognition.
Later, they can re-market for in-store consumption; manage product monitoring through technological image recognition, Consumers scan the code to check out and leave, perfect anti-theft and degaussing, and let the system check your products! Reduce personnel costs

Support 10,000 items

It can meet the quantity and specifications of hardware and stationery stores for many industries

Inventory of RFID/barcodes for convenient storage and storage

RFID is stable and easy to identify, locate and track object information


Service Type iPOS

The system can provide homestays, restaurants, beauty, hairdressing, salons, fitness, pets, massage and other industries

Reservation system

Convenient for arranging room technicians, beauticians, etc. to arrange planning

Time consumption system

Support service methods in the timekeeping industry such as shrimp fishing farms and masseurs

Counting consumption system

Support pet grooming repair technicians and other related service methods

Waiter tip

Commodity combination application

Staff conversion

Member management and stored value points

Increasing data


The cloud franchise chain cash register leads the first brand, and the system is the most flexible and complete!,
A super cash register system that makes the boss fall in love and can't go back after using it!
If you want your business to take a step forward, POS is your best perfect management system in the future!
Success cases


Meet various industries in the market

Adhering to the concept of globalization, the main force is to develop international franchise cash register software!
Utilizing the perfect combination of Internet technology and iPOS, we are committed to building 020 stores for merchants.
It is expected to occupy more than 50% of the market in Taiwan’s franchise and 40% of the international franchise cash register market.
The first online finance and closed-loop B2B supply chain platform that integrates cloud computing big data.


Food Industry

Hand crank / barbecue / baked bread / hot pot / Japanese food / Taiwanese food / snacks / quick stir-fry / tea, etc.


Medical insurance

Other medical services of Chinese and Western pharmacies / clinics / hospitals, etc.


Domestic services

Travel agency / photography / pet service / bookstore / lottery / communication service / welfare agency, etc.


Leisure and entertainment

Concerts, KTV, coffee shops, tea houses, cinemas, theaters, resorts, Internet cafes, etc.


Retail department store

Convenience store / supermarket / clothing shoes and bags / glasses shop / mothers, infants and children/market / home appliances / cosmetics / jewelry, etc.


Beauty culture and SPA

Provide time-based checkout, such as: hairdressing / slimming / nail art / fitness / photo / care / makeup, etc.



It can be automatically calculated according to the sales product or the designer's individual commission system daily, weekly, and monthly calculation reports are applicable to the hairdressing industry or the industry that needs to be moisturized.

Hotel restaurant

Star-rated hotels / resorts / inns / guesthouses / guest houses / guest houses / clubs / motels / homestays, etc.


Work out

Rock climbing hall / pool hall / yoga / badminton hall / table tennis hall / horse course / golf course / skating rink / bowling alley / snooker hall, etc.


Shopping mall

Clothing market / tourist attractions / cultural venues / transportation construction / public construction / brand discount stores / home furnishings and building materials, etc.


Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Market

Electronic scales are specially developed for Taiwanese bosses to develop a system that accurately calculates prices to meet the weighing needs of all walks of life.
It also supports the weight of kilograms, which can prevent employees from working badly.
Items need to be left to stand without shaking hands or they cannot be measured correctly.
The test is directly displayed at the POS to improve the efficiency of checkout!

Corporate group

Self-built AI face recognition system to facilitate corporate group management of members and employees

Our powerful features

iPOS powerful features

Phone delivery cloud order system

Save the contracting commission with third-party platforms, and send your own orders by yourself! A single cloud can be done.

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AI smart cashier robot ordering

Intelligent voice order! The AI robot learns autonomously and intelligently, making the dialogue more verbal. Customers can order and checkout by themselves, and merchants only need to concentrate on preparing materials and issuing orders.

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Tablet and mobile ordering applications

You can use the Pad tablet as an electronic menu to replace the traditional paper menu, solve the trouble of re-creating the entire menu due to the change of dishes, and increase the cost of menu update.

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Rich promotion model

There are many kinds of promotion methods and various gameplays are at your disposal. IPOS will take you to enjoy marketing! Price reduction promotions, discount promotions, package promotions, and various promotion methods, cater to the shopping preferences of core consumer groups, increase customer flow and repurchase rate, and maintain Market vitality.

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Cloud e-invoice

The diversified store-side program meets the electronic invoice needs of all store owners and solves the shortcomings of traditional invoices. In addition to saving consumables and labor costs, it enjoys government tax savings and penalty-free benefits, and is easy to manage. The offline version of the electronic invoice mechanism is no problem if the network is disconnected, and it is automatically uploaded to the IRS every day.

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Face recognition, attendance cashier and face payment

No need to install expensive machines, just a commercially available photographic lens, you can complete a quick face payment in three seconds! Link to the iPOS system to handle cashier, checkout, marketing, etc. in one machine.

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Fingerprint Recognition Time Attendance Cashier System

Fingerprint Recognition Time Attendance Cashier System

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Face swiping members and points consumption

The member's stored value can be used for consumption by swiping face, no need to bring a physical card or mobile phone. Stored-value accounts provide encrypted transmission and consumption verification to ensure the safety of stored-value funds for merchants and members.

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Demonstration of table-side order and cloud order

Scanning the QR code, the waiter can order the customer through the mobile phone, without the need to purchase hardware equipment, the mobile phone is a mobile ordering device; during the peak period of passenger flow, customers can scan the desktop QR code to order self-service, and the ordering message goes directly to the cashier. After reviewing or paying the bill, the back kitchen automatically issues the bill, and the waiter only needs to serve the food.

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Internationalized multilingual system

According to the local language and currency of the store, you can freely set the program without upgrading or modify it, and you can customize unlimited languages, tips, and sales tax, all of which are applied and settled according to the store, electronic invoices, international credit card settlement mechanisms and other functions that must be applied abroad. Realize a software centralized cash register in the world.

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Mobile phone internet report for the boss

Store cloud management to understand timely business conditions anytime, anywhere. The boss can easily manage the solution-even if you are not on the POS machine, you can check the real-time situation of the store through the mobile phone APP/PC/tablet, taking care of both work and family life.

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Back kitchen KDS system

Laiqiankuai iPOS is connected to the iERP system of the headquarters control center. When the headquarters prepares the materials, the barcode is used to package the goods required by the store and the relevant price tags are printed. After the logistics or goods arrive in the store, the store will receive the goods on the POS. Confirm, achieve logistics control, and will not lose orders.

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